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Episode list

Episode #10: Multifamily Residences: Past, Present, Future with Francine Moore (Homestead)

On this episode of REALtalk, we speak with Francine Moore, President, Homestead Land Holdings Limited. Francine shared her insights about the multifamily asset class' response to COVID-19, challenges facing the sector today, strengths and areas of improvement, and a needed collaboration between the private and public sectors.


Episode #9: Managing Real Estate Insurance Risk Post COVID with Peter Kennedy (Aon Canada)

On this episode of REALtalk, we spoke with Peter Kennedy, National Director, Real Estate Practice, Aon Canada. Peter shared his insights about commercial insurance COVID claims, responses on the insurer’s side, and a needed evolution in structuring owner’s side insurance risk within net leases in Canada.


Episode #8: The Black Opportunity Fund with Dennis Mitchell (Starlight Capital)

On this episode of REALtalk, Dennis Mitchell, CEO and CIO of Starlight Capital, talks to REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks about being Black in commercial real estate in Canada, the new Black Opportunity Fund he has started housed at Toronto Foundation, and the way forward in enhancing opportunities for Canada's Black population to grow and prosper in Canada.


Episode #7: The Future of the Office with Wendy Waters (GWL Realty Advisors)

On this episode of REALtalk, Wendy Waters, Vice President, Research Services & Strategy at GWL Realty Advisors, joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks to discuss returning to the workplace, the near future, overcoming pinch points, and a post-COVID world.


Episode #6: View from the Re-Opened European Economies with Dominique Moerenhout (European Public Real Estate Association)

On this episode of REALtalk, Dominique Moerenhout, Chief Executive Officer of the European Public Real Estate Association, joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks from Brussels, Belgium to discuss the recovery experience from COVID-19 across Europe, the bottlenecks hindering the return to the office, the future of the office, and the evolution of retail.


Episode #5: View from the Re-Opened Asian Economies with Sigrid Zialcita (Asia Pacific Real Estate Association)

On this episode of REALtalk, Sigrid Zialcita, Chief Executive Officer of the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooksto discuss the recovery experience from COVID-19 across Asia, the role of culture in the Asian economies in the recovery process, the unique challenges of working from home in some parts of Asia, and the future of the Asian economies.


Episode #4: Global Fund Markets post COVID-19 with Peter Cuthbert (Fiera Real Estate)

On this episode of REALtalk, Peter Cuthbert, President and Head of Global Real Estate at Fiera Real Estate joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks to discuss investment fund management, operating open and closed ended funds, and the impact of COVID-19 on real estate.

Episode #3: Managing a Global Portfolio with Nathalie Palladitcheff (Ivanhoé Cambridge)

Nathalie Palladitcheff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ivanhoé Cambridge, joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks to discuss managing a global portfolio, the importance of diversity to build resiliency, and cultural differences between Europe and Canada.

Episode #2: Returning to the Workplace with Mark Rose (Avison Young)

Mark Rose, Chairman and CEO of Avison Young, joins Michael Brooks to discuss the role of experience in the face of COVID-19, returning to the workplace, and how to build a meaningful future facing strategy.


Episode #1: Future of Commercial Real Estate with Blake Hutcheson (OMERS)

Blake Hutcheson, President and CEO of OMERS, joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks to discuss the future of commercial real estate in the aftermath of COVID-19, the new normal, and the status of each asset class across commercial real estate.

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