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Digital transformation in real estate




We are all familiar with the story of the Three Little Pigs: three pigs set out into the world to build their own home, each choosing a different material to do so. While all are successful in constructing a home, the strength and longevity of each one is vastly different. While the house made of straw appeared from the outside to be just as superior as the house made of sticks, in the end, the house made of bricks proved to have the greatest competitive advantage.

While we (being human) can understand that bricks are infinitely superior to straw or sticks when building a home, there are some key lessons to be learned. When thinking about your business, and how technology is driving immense change to our institutions, do you want to be the organization made out of straw or the one made out of bricks?

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REITs: New opportunities to benefit the Canadian economy



While REITs are already popular among Canadian investors - combining reliable returns with strong governance - if investors had more options to invest in real estate, more private wealth could be channeled into different areas of the Canadian economy. Grant Thornton Canada discusses in their report, REITs: New opportunities to benefit the Canadian economy.

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Making Smart Real Estate Decisions for Your Coworking Space




Coworking has remained a trending topic within the Canadian real estate market. Operators are seeing increased benefits to this shared workspace model in which independent workers, small businesses, freelancers and others share accessibility to desks, offices, meeting space and equipment. But making smart real estate decisions when starting or growing a coworking space can be a challenge.

Within this four-part ebook, you’ll learn what factors to look for in each market and how to narrow the choices based off your needs. With the help of industry experts, we will cover the benefits of urban and suburban locations, physical amenities to look for in and around the space, financial considerations when negotiating a lease and alternatives to traditional leases — such as partnerships and joint ventures.

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