Transportation & Infrastructure
Funding new transportation infrastructure has become one of the most pressing issues for regions across Canada. As the senior national industry association for investment real estate, REALpac’s members have an inherent interest in a streamlined, reliable, modern, and sustainably financed transit plan. With Canada’s infrastructure backlog reaching unprecedented levels nationally, as well as provincially, financing of sewer and water, roads, as well as public transit will be a central advocacy issues for the industry.  

REALpac maintains a set of guiding principles when engaging government officials in discussions regarding financing of transportation and infrastructure. REALpac supports revenue tools that:

• are broadly based and do not put undue pressure on one segment of the economy;
• are environmentally friendly and have traffic demand management potential;
• support user pay principles;
• are transparent, fair, and equitable; and,
• solve the long-term, transit-related financial challenges of regions across Canada.

Government Submissions

Contact Brooks Barnett, Manager, Government Relations & Policy, 416-642-2700 x224.



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