MSCI/REALPAC Canada Annual Property Index (Unfrozen)

The MSCI/REALPAC Canada Annual Property Index (Unfrozen), with results dating back to 1999, measures unlevered total returns of directly held standing property investments from one valuation to the next. It tracks the performance of 2,377 property investments, with a total capital value of CAD 155.4 billion as at September 2018. The MSCI/REALPAC Canada Annual Property Index (Unfrozen) is published quarterly and reports returns on a four quarter rolling basis.

The Index provides several important benefits to the real estate marketplace:

  • Enhances transparency for the commercial real estate market
  • Enables comparison of real estate relative to other asset classes
  • Facilitates comparison of Canadian real estate performance on a consistent basis to other private real estate markets globally


MSCI/REALPAC Canada Quarterly Green Property Index (Unfrozen)

The MSCI/REALPAC Canada Quarterly Green Property Index (Unfrozen) tracks the financial performance of those properties with a BOMA BESt or LEED rating relative to the rest of the market. The Green index comprises 779 rated assets valued at CAD $96.3 billion which represents about 62% of the all property universe in terms of capital value.

MSCI/REALPAC Canada Quarterly Property Fund Index (Unfrozen)

The MSCI/REALPAC Canada Quarterly Property Fund Index (Unfrozen) covers 7 unlisted open‑ended funds invested in Canada. The index measures the total returns of open-ended commingled funds of commercial real estate and in Q3 2018 returned a net of fees fund-level return of 2.1%.



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