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Policy Discussion Paper: Carbon Pricing Systems
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With growing concerns over the manifesting impacts of climate change, governments are being challenged to find ways to effectively reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Data suggests that in 2013, global carbon dioxide emissions were 61% higher than they were in 1990 (Klein, 2014). As carbon is emitted into the atmosphere, trapping heat, its effects grow worse over time and result in extreme weather, health risks and heavy financial burdens. As a plethora of scientific research has identified GHGs as the main contributor to global climate change, creating strategies that decrease their emission will be paramount in reducing climate change. This paper will discuss the various forms of carbon pricing and compare their relative benefits and costs. It will also detail REALpac’s recommendations as to how governments can implement and design programs that will be effective, fair and progressive if they choose to proceed with regulating the price of carbon.


  Development Permit System (DPS): Land Use Planning Implications for the City of Toronto

Like many Canadian cities, the City of Toronto is facing growing development pressures. To cope with these changing dynamics, the City is rolling out a new planning tool, a Development Permit System (DPS), which could streamline development, and change the way planning happens in Toronto. REALpac has reviewed the City’s new policy framework and has identified several positive and negative impacts that the DPS framework will have on land-use planning in Toronto.

Toronto Local Appeal Bodies (LAB): Policy Implementation Report

In July 2014, City Council voted 32-8 in favor of creating Local Appeal Bodies that will hear all appeals from the Committee of Adjustment. This will come into effect on September 1, 2015. During the passing of the same bill, City Council also requested of the province that all land use appeals be the City’s responsibility. This paper will analyze the potential impacts of a LAB on land-use planning in Toronto and identify issues to be addressed by municipal planners as the system is rolled out in 2015.

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