Our Approach & Principles

Our Approach:

REALpac has a specific approach to government relations. We prefer to develop positions in-house, and to present those views in a consistent way to governments and stakeholders. We always research our positions, and strive to understand the legal and political background of the issue.

We often take a comparative law approach; how do other jurisdictions across Canada or around the world handle this issue? We will often seek out allies on certain issues, and often seek out opposing views to understand all perspectives. We develop argument based on our three core values; leadership, citizenship and excellence. We seek to lead the industry to where it ought to go, always seeking high moral ground.

As citizens of Canada, we always seek resolutions we believe to be the best for Canada, not just our industry. We respect the views of others, and always seek to earn the respect of all stakeholders to an issue, regardless of the outcome. We make sure others know our position clearly, understand our arguments, and respect us as representatives of our industry.


REALpac communicates with government on behalf of its Members at the federal and provincial level throughout Canada on legislative and regulatory matters, and at the municipal level when the issues are of paramount importance to Members and the industry across Canada. These communications, often referred to as "lobbying", are important to the democratic process and necessary to inform both elected and non-elected officials tasked with making crucial public policy decisions on a daily basis.

As Canada's premier national industry association for owners and managers of investment real property, REALpac is dedicated to bringing together Canada's real property investment leaders to collectively influence public policy, educate government and the public, and to ensure stable and beneficial real estate capital and property markets in Canada. We engage in dialogue with government officials and stakeholders based on the following core principles:

  • REALpac is politically neutral and works collaboratively with government officials and representatives on issues related to real estate, capital and property markets
  • REALpac always seeks higher moral ground and sees itself as a steward responsible for the good of the investment real estate industry
  • REALpac is committed to following and adhering to federal, provincial, and municipal lobbying registration and disclosure laws, and conducting its lobbying efforts in a transparent manor
  • REALpac works collaboratively with like minded organizations to influence public policy that benefits our Members and the industry as a whole
  • REALpac maintains an informed, extensively researched issues base by staff who understand real estate

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