• To monitor, research and discuss capital markets issues affecting the management and governance of Canadian public sector REITS and REOCs in the commercial real estate industry and engage government as appropriate. To engage with stakeholders such as government agencies, rating agencies, taxation authorities, stock exchanges, the buy side community, selected parallel associations and international organizations in the furtherance of Canadian public real estate entities. To develop best practices and standards. To provide stewardship to public real estate entities. To represent the public real estate companies in joint public relations and outreach initiatives.

  • To establish a broad industry framework that supports the environmental, social and governance needs of the Canadian real property community.  To draw insight from a community of experts when trying to set priorities and influence policies, and to be a forum at which to exchange ideas and promote best practices.


  • To monitor Canadian generally accepted accounting principles applicable to the real estate industry; to monitor U.S. and international accounting standards; to recommend changes when necessary to the REALPAC IFRS and ASPE Handbooks; and to monitor financial reporting rules and policies issued by security regulators in Canada and the U.S.

  • To advance the governance, regulatory environment, and best practices for real estate funds, plan sponsors and fund managers, to advance research and standards of interest to funds, plan sponsors and fund managers, and increase the real estate market transparency in Canada through independent and comparable performance analysis with investors, managers, consultants, and occupiers.

  • To share best practices within the professional human resources community, discuss issues related to professional development, and share information related to compensation-related surveys.


  • An opportunity for real property researchers in Canada to network, advocate real estate research in Canada, share and discuss current research interests, keep up-to-date on market developments, interact with peers regarding publications and future research trends, and help shape the research agenda at REALPAC. Research topics will focus on capital markets, commercial debt, finance and investments, asset/portfolio management, valuation, and like issues.


  • To increase real estate market transparency in Canada through independent and comparable performance analysis with investors, managers, consultants and occupiers via the REALPAC/IPD Canada Quarterly Property Index and the REALPAC/IPD Canada Quarterly Green Property Index. 




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