Who We Are

REALpac is Canada's senior national industry association for owners and managers of investment real estate. Our Members include publicly traded real estate companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs), private companies, pension funds, banks and life insurance companies with investment real estate assets each in excess of $100 million. The association is further supported by large owner/occupiers and pension fund advisers as well as individually selected investment dealers and real estate brokerages.

REALpac is an exclusive, executive organization whose vision is to be Canada's most influential voice in the real property investment industry. Our mission is to bring together Canada's real property investment leaders to collectively influence public policy, to educate government and the public, to ensure stable and beneficial real estate property and capital markets and to promote the performance of the real property sector in Canada.

The association is stewarded by a board of directors populated by some of the industry's most senior leaders, and is further guided by the strong work of its standing committees. The association staff, charged with implementation of policy and execution of all day-to-day activity, is composed of highly educated, dedicated and experienced staff who strive continuously to increase the "value for membership" afforded each member.

REALpac operates in several areas including advocacy, research, financial best practices, standard setting, publishing, conferences and networking events. REALpac's highly successful policy influence with senior levels of government both enhances the investment real estate market, and safeguards it from unfair legislative action.

The commercial real estate sector (CRE Sector) makes a substantial contribution to the Canadian economy, generating $63.3 billion in economic activity in 2011. The CRE sector adds to the Canadian economy in various ways by:

  • Supporting 340,000 jobs, many of which are high-paying professional jobs, which is roughly equivalent to the total employment in the entire Canadian agriculture industry;
  • Generating $18.1 billion in personal income, related to labour income and other sources of income, which is more than twice the labour income of the Canadian agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries combined;
  • Generating $12.5 billion in corporate profits earned by many small and medium companies, as well as some of the largest pension funds and insurance companies in Canada;
  • Contributing $7.2 billion in personal and corporate income tax revenues for the federal and provincial governments; and ultimately
  • Accounting for $32.4 billion in total net contribution to Canada's GDP, which is more than the total GDP of New Brunswick.


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