What We Do


To be Canada's most influential voice in the real property investment industry.


To bring together Canada's real property investment leaders to collectively influence public policy, to educate government and the public, to ensure stable and beneficial real estate property and capital markets and to promote the performance of the real property sector in Canada. 


Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, from workplace organization, to ethical standards, to personal growth, to communications with others, to dealings with and amongst members, and to dealings with government and the public. We strive for continuous improvement.

Leadership: We strive to be leaders for the Canadian real property community. We see things not as they are, but as they ought to be, and effectively communicate those aspirations to the wider community. We encourage positive change, and dare to articulate new visions and approaches that foster economic growth, environmental sustainability, and human equity. We strive to be seen as stewards of our industry.

Citizenship: We strive to enlarge our role as part of the local, provincial, national and international community and fulfill those responsibilities professionally, credibly and with the utmost integrity, keeping the greater good in mind. We represent our members carefully, thoughtfully, and always with due regard to the need to earn and maintain the respect of those we may be communicating with and the wider community.


77 King St W
TD North Tower
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Toronto ON M5K 1H1


1.855.REALPAC (732.5722)