Member Categories

General Members

General Members are owners of investment or income producing real estate assets in Canada having a value in excess of $100 million CDN. General Members include publicly traded real estate companies, REITs, private companies, pension funds, banks and life insurance companies.

Annual fees for the General Membership are determined by each member’s gross book value of real estate assets:

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are owner-occupiers, pension fund advisors or any organisation primarily involved as a lender, loan conduit or accredited servicing agent in respect of commercial loans on the security of Canadian real estate, who do not own income producing real estate assets greater than $100 million.

Supporting Members

Supporting members are national investment dealers and real estate brokerages** who are invited to join.

**Note: The real estate brokerage category is full

International Members

An International Member is a corporation, trust, open or closed ended mutual fund or limited partnership not otherwise resident in Canada; and, it owns for its own account gross real estate investment assets in excess of $100 million dollars (Canadian); and/or, it acts as an investment advisor or asset manager to corporations, trusts, open or closed end mutual funds or limited partnerships which own gross real estate investment assets totaling at least $100 Million dollars (Canadian); and it does not otherwise qualify as a General, Affiliate or Supporting Member.

Membership Inquiries

Membership in REALpac is by invitation only. New Members may also be nominated by existing Members. Membership in REALpac is held at the corporate level, with companies being represented by the Chief Executive* and Chief Financial Executive**.

*Chief Executive: The senior most officer responsible for all matters related to real property (i.e., Chair, Chief Executive Officer, President, Managing Director, or their functional equivalent).

**Chief Financial Executive: The senior most financial officer responsible for all matters related to real property (i.e., Chief Financial Officer).

Interested parties are invited to contact Carolyn Lane, VP, Membership, Marketing & Communications, 416-642-2700 x.223.


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